Main house/Stubike

  • Outside terrace/porch
  • Kitchen, sitting room, WC, shower
  • 2nd floor—bedroom

Guest house/Prieteliu palociai

  •  Outside terrace/porch
  • 1st floor—a small kitchen, bar-stand, music corner
  • 2nd floor—three bedrooms,WC, shower

gryciagrycia2miegamiejilovos2as aukštas

Bath House

  • Bath house with a log furnace
  • Front room with a rest place and shower


  • Smithy/Blacksmith’s workshop
  • Clay pottery
  • Baker’s room
  • Crafting place
  • Souvenir shop

Wine Cellar

  • Sampling/Tasting of homemade grape wine
  • Sampling/Tasting of homemade herb drinks
  • Sampling/Tasting of homemade jams/preserves

Gazebos with Fireplaces