About us

“Nature is not a place to visit.  It is home.”

Gary Snyder (American man of letters, poet, essayist, educator)

Our rural cottage surrounded by the beautiful nature can become a home for your family—it’s an ideal place for quiet and peaceful rest where you can enjoy sheer bliss of the natural surroundings. This is a place to immerse not only in the inspiring beauty of the region but also in Lithuanian folk art, culture and heritage.  By heritage we mean the many exhibits of Lithuanian rural mode of life (tools, utensils, implements, primitive agricultural machines, etc.) that we have collected over the years and now are happy to demonstrate them (how they work and what kind of jobs they used to do) and share their stories.

By heritage we also mean the special breed of Samogitian horses “Zemaitukai” that you can touch, brush and ride, as well as experience the joy of establishing a link with Lithuanian history as this is a famous historic breed of horses.

Everything you see and experience in our place has some lesson to teach and remind us about our spiritual connection to Nature.

The farmstead is not intended for parties.

The interior and exterior are made with reverence to the old Lithuanian traditions.  Most of the furniture pieces, utensils, tools and other articles have been collected over the years from grandparents and great-grandparents, and refinished in a way that still reveals their natural looks.

Old trees and Lithuanian garden plants have been preserved with love and appreciation.